About me

Hi there!

My name is Stef Oers, a semi-professional all-round photographer…

I am wandering around through the several domains in photography, e.g: Portrait photography, concert photography, car (race) photography, art photography, and others of which some still in experimental phase, leaving behind a footprint of “my style”…

I was caught by the “photography microbe” after I had the opportunity to follow and assist a friend of mine, a seasoned photographer called André Devlaeminck (www.radan.be), during a photographic journey of about 1,5 weeks in Scotland. During this trip, including about 14 hrs of photography a day, I was not only impressed by the breathtaking scenery and wonderful people but also the atmosphere, techniques and continuous flow of photographic moments…  Pretty soon it started to inspire me and in fact… it changed my life quite substantially.

Upon my return from Scotland, I immediately invested every free moment of the day (and night) in order to learn the necessary theoretical foundations in support of further enhancing and refining my technique. After following different learning tracks, taking photography classes, etc, I have decided to replace all of my other activities (next to my day time job) by photography. Meanwhile I’m an Art Photography student committed to a long term track leading to… who knows… in any case, a world and a life full of experiences and wonders through photographic encounters.

Stef Oers

After Scotland (2011) and South-Africa (2013), I have never looked at the world in a same way again. I’ve discovered a whole new one and don’t take anything for granted anymore… especially human interaction, beautiful skies, sceneries, objects, nature, and most importantly the beauty of interplay between shadow and light, and how it impacts everything and ensures every (photographic) moment is truly unique.

Since October 2014 I am the designated (house) photographer for Aston Martin Brussels and amongst other provide photographs for some of their events (Cfr. BRCC 2014) as well as their beautiful and exclusive magazines “ONE” (cfr. Publications), Aston Martin World Wide, and the Aston Martin Exclusive Owners magazine.

I have also performed several assignments as a press photographer and documentary photographer.
E.g: Press photographer covering the new Aston Martin DB10, at the release of the James Bond movie “Spectre” in Paris.

On a level of Art photography, I had some of my work exhibited at the first edition of the International Photo festival “Lens Op De Mens” in the summer of 2017 and “Het Gelaat Van De Straat” in Vilvoorde, from 15/9 to 15/10/2018. Some of my series or individual work have been added to private collections.

Enjoy your stay on this site and make sure to drop by once in a while as I will add and/or replace work frequently.

Stef Oers

FEP-European Photographer Qualification